Who Gets Your Vote?
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More entrepreneurs, or solopreneurs in Spain are creating they own businesses on a daily basis.* As you go it alone, your personal brand becomes even more important. A brand is by its very purpose unique and authentic, as are you. There is now a blurring of the You at work and You at home and You in your social life. The old style foreigner was able to hide behind their “reinvention”. They could create a new persona and background. The days before social media meant this rarely got questioned; you were who you said you were. Nowadays, it doesn’t take more than a few keystrokes to check out your background. The good, notable, bad or positively ugly can be laid bare for all to see. Employers and potential Clients and Customers can use the likes of Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to form their own opinion of “who you are”.

What’s Your Personal Manifesto?

You may not realise it, but in every interaction on and offline you are displaying your personal manifesto. Are your engagements with people positive, helpful and are you ready to collaborate, or do you complain about other businesses in your market, want to know what’s in it for you and never recommend well … anyone! It doesn’t take rocket science to know what your outcomes are likely to be. Parts of the “Me” brand can be made up of the traditional business model:-

What is your purpose?

What are your values?

What drives and excites you?

What do you want to be remembered for?

What describes the unique YOU?

Start thinking about what you would like your personal manifesto to be and how you can use this in all your communication, social media and written bios.

Running the “Me” Campaign

Women are notoriously bad about promoting themselves. Grab a friend and ask them how they would describe you and what makes you unique.

Does your profile have an image of you? Have you replaced the “egg” on Twitter, with your photo (and please don’t use one where you have cropped a friend, or loved out of the picture!). Does it sum up your personal brand?

Are you using your real name on your Twitter account and on your Facebook profile?

Do you have a Facebook Business page to promote what you do (bearing in mind that using a personal profile to promote a business can and will get your account shut down by Facebook.

Monitoring your Campaign

A savvy Business monitors the online conversation about its brand; so should and can you. Make sure your Brand is consistent across platforms. Run a monthly check of your social media profiles, make updates, test your manifesto and photos.

People buy people and vote with their feet.

Getting the Majority Vote

Networking for me is all about what I can do for you! It may take many months before new Clients, or Customers decide they do want to work with you, or start using your product or service. We were born with two ears and one month – when networking use them in that proportion. What buying clues can you pick up from your new contacts? How can you help their need? Consistency is the key; just attending one networking event every few months won’t cut the mustard, or get the vote. I love the way business cards are handed over in Hong Kong. The person hands the card over holding the two corners, as if to say “I’m handing you part of me”. Show up, listen up and get ready to share YOU.