5 top tips for learning Spanish
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It’s all Spanish!  Even if you live in a very tourist area, learning Spanish has to be your main focus when you move to Spain.  You moved to Spain because you loved the culture and lifestyle so what better way than to start speaking and being able to share those things with the locals!  They will enrich your life in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Here’s my top 5 ideas for ways to learn Spanish

1. Meet the Locals!

Start making Spanish friends straight away! Register with one of professional native Spanish teachers who offer classes tailored to your requirements and are not expensive.  This has been what I have (finally) ended up doing after various other forays into courses and classes.  There are just two of us (with my Spanish Teacher) and the other lady is Finnish.  We discuss ‘cosas de la vida’ and share cultural knowledge from our own countries too.  We have become firm friends over the years.  Over one summer, my Spanish teacher and I also had our own ‘intercambio’ language exchange where she learnt some English and I learnt Spanish.  Intercambio’s generally offer an hour where you spend 30 minutes each speaking your non-native language.  It’s worth looking to find your own intercambio language exchange where you can meet Spanish people.  Facebook and Meetup are always good places to search for events in your area.

2. Get fit 

Get fit whilst you learn.  Join a local Spanish gym, or take up the game of padel, or football with a Spanish club.  I love my Pilates classes at Pilates y Fitness as the classes are in Spanish meaning I have to concentrate on what is being said and cannot spend the time with my mind wandering elsewhere!

3. Immersion 

Start Immersion courses in country are usually mixed with cultural events and activities so you learn as you experience life in Spain. How about Diverbo’s Pueblo Espanol?  Here is the ‘tell all’ story of Costa Women member’s Heidi’s experience with 

4. Going online 

My favourite app is Duolingo– it’s free and you can learn Spanish in just 5 minutes a day (so something to do with your time when stuck in that queue, waiting for a meeting or on the train!)

5. In Daily Life!

Swop your birth language for Spanish in your daily activities.  Watch the TV news, or your favourite movie (or Game of Thrones) in Spanish.  Listen to the local Spanish Radio in the car and to phraseology and conversations with people as you walk around.  You will start recognising and adding even a few words to your vocabulary.  Make a meal once a week using a Spanish recipe.  Buy Spanish Magazines in your favourite genre.  My husband and I spend our weekly visit to the supermarket only talking to each other in Spanish.  It’s only something small and helps you learn Spanish words for foods you are familiar with.

An old Chinese Proverb says “When is the best time to plant a tree – 100 years ago.  When is the next best time – NOW!” It will take time, but slowly slowly it starts to sink in and if you are persistent it won’t be too long before you can’t remember the word for something in your own language!